Friday, 31 July 2009

New Doctor

The Bluestocking commends the tweediness and general chappishness of the new Doctor Who, but we are not too sure about the bow-tie. There are so many elegant and suitably retro choices of neckwear, that one would think that something rather more original than the slightly weedy looking bow-tie sported by Mr Smith could have been chosen. Of course the tweed jacket, being hard-wearing and reasonably impervious to stains, is an excellent choice for slumming it around the universe and mixing with all those grubby aliens. But I do feel he should have chosen brown shoes to go with the brown tweed. Surely Doctor Marten's practical footwear is available in brown? Indeed, I have just checked on Mr Google's patent search machine, and they have a marvellous colour called Peat - very appropriate to accompany tweed.

In a spirit of constructive criticism, may I refer our esteemed Broadcasting Corporation to the gentleman's guide to the tying of ties, from which they could have chosen a Windsor Knot, a Half-Winsor, a Pratt-Shelby or a Four-in-Hand.

Ladies (and gentlemen of a transgender persuasion) may be interested in this scarf-tying guide.


  1. Oh, I'm still too in love with David Tennant. And I thought getting over Christopher Eccleston was going to be hard. Of course neither is as hard as getting over Catherine Tate as the Doctor's companion. Brilliant.

  2. David Tennant brought to the part exactly the right amount of manic enjoyment and allowed us exactly the right glimpse of the steel underneath it. I don't think anyone will be a better Doctor than he was.

    (Er, I didn't care for Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, though I've admired pretty much everything else I've ever seen him in.)

    I do not agree with the article linked to above (link on "new Doctor Who") that the new doctor looks every inch the young professor. He looks to be about 12 years old, though a 12-year-old who has retro tastes. But maybe I'll grow to like him. I'll certainly give him the chance.