Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Secret Gender Test

This was quite an interesting test, and the results were not a surprise to me.
Your result for The Secret Gender Test...


33% Masculine / 48% Feminine
Likelihood if you got this result, it's either because you have behavior equally matched of both genders or neither.  This result means your gender identity is androgynous.  This means that you can probably equally understand average men and women, but don't understand super-men and super-women all that well.  Your male and female side is either well balanced, or not present in the normal manner.  Your sexual inclination is either dual-role, or assexual.  This means you may very well be single because of a lack of the same compelling drives average men and women have in this world.  Your also very likely gender-queer, or non-gender conforming.  Meaning, male or female you dress androgynously.  Some people may even refer to you as a gender-bender.
This doesn't mean you won't, and there is a chance that your still have some growing up to do, and given a lack of experience of your gender has left you with little to speak of in the sense of what this test can provide.  Sometimes gaining experience with reference with the questions will result in a conclusion that is different from this one.  Either way, your balanced.  If this is what you want then you are happy, and among a fairly small group of people in the world satisfied by gender neutrality.
Whether you were born male or female, your brain is variably somewhat intersexed, and if you were born intersexed then this would also be consistant.  You have senses and abilities of both sexes likely to varying degrees.  You can date any other gender type easily, though the greater extremes will still be difficult.  There really isn't a gender type you can't date as long as you understand what dating that particular type intails. All this being said, your ideal types are likely as close to center as you, or gender neutral, or gender reversed.  Those groups are likely to have respect for your androgynous nature.  You have an experience where gender is concerned that makes you an ideal counselor for issues regarding gender for others.
If you were born male, your very androgynous, or you lack strongly defining deviations from male or female aspects.  If you were born female the above applies as well, however female androgyns are more prevalent do to societal acceptance than male androgyns.  It's more acceptable for women to be tomboyish than men to be femmeboyish.  You can date any other type, but standard and higher male and female types may and most likely will not understand your gender neutrality.  As long as you understand this and take your balance and use it to your advantage you will manage okay.
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