Friday, 6 March 2009

Hail Gail!

We here at The Bluestocking are not the only Gail Trimble enthusiasts... many other bloggers have been writing in praise of the intellectual blitzkrieg.

  • If Gail Trimble programmed computers then she would use butterflies.
  • Gail Trimble can determine the next random number in a sequence.
  • When you search for “guru” on Google it says “Did you mean Gail Trimble?”
Congratulations to Gail Trimble and her team on winning University ChallengeI was astonished to hear that far from being praised for her success, the poor girl has come in for a load of abuse. 
Sze Zeng says "Gail Trimble the genius"

Michael Axelsen doesn't know who Dylan Thomas was or what nationality he was, but he knows he likes geek girls:
I think any woman who is intelligent, smart, presents herself well and knows her way around Latin literature should be celebrated for their ability and skill.
It's good to know that there are others who appreciate intelligence.  I note that her page on the well-known electronic school yearbook has 424 fans.  I think Gail's undoubted sartorial elegance is irrelevant to her intellectual prowess; she should be celebrated for her brains even if she dressed in potato sacks.

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