Monday, 23 March 2009

More bluestocking heroines

More suggestions from Brass Goggles aficionados:
  • Emily Warren Roebling - Co-builder of Brooklyn Bridge with husband Washington Roebling.
  • Edith Cowan - Feminist, fought for suffrage, then first woman elected to an Australian parliament. 
  • Annie Oakley - Famous trick sharpshooter of Old West. 
  • Mary Anning - a fossil collector that discovered a dinosaur species or two.
  • George Sand: novelist, feminist, bon-vivant and quite possibly the first openly-acknowledged "Drag King."
  • Rear Admiral "Amazing Grace" Hopper: co-developer of the UNIVAC I, inventor of the compiler, pioneer in the development of computer systems standards and the FORTRAN and COBOL languages, and the Data Processing Management Association's first "Man of the Year."
  • Hedy Lamarr: co-inventor of frequency-hopped spread-spectrum radio communication, which is the basis for nearly all modern radio data communications systems.
  • Beatrix Potter studied lichen and presented a paper to the Linnean Society in London.
  • Isabella Bird - Traveller and explorer
  • Sarah Guppy, the inventor of the suspension bridge (also a woman); she is featured in Local Heroes by Adam Hart-Davis.
  • Grace Darling - a girl who rowed out with her father to rescue people from a sinking boat 
  • Emilie du Chatelet - Enlightenment mathematician and physicist (and Voltaire's lover) rigged lotteries and used mathematics to win the card games that upper class women played in those days. 
  • Elizabeth Fulhame - author of An Essay on Combustion, 1794, a landmark text on Catalytic Chemistry and Colloidal Photochemistry.
  • Female explorers:


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  2. Very proper activities for a bluestocking, as higher philosophy may be cogitated upon during the sewing and embroidery.