Monday, 2 March 2009

The postmodern bluestocking

The postmodern bluestocking is a third-wave feminist with an interest in first-wave feminism.  She knows what postmodernism and queer theory are.  She regards men as equally oppressed by the hierarchical arrangement sometimes referred to as the patriarchy.

She knows how to change a tyre, and is clubbable, affable and witty.  Keen on science, exploration, literature and art, she never talks about babies or make-up.  Nor does she talk about sport, unless it is archery or fencing, which are of course martial arts rather than sport.  She prefers science fiction over fantasy.  She knows the difference between domestic violence (deplorable) and consensual SM (well, some gels like to play rough).

Her hobbies are never demure; not for her cross-stitch and watercolours, bridge and bricolage.  No, she engages in intellectual conversation, hiking, birdwatching, climbing, white-water canoeing, wit and repartee, poker, reading novels, exploration, battle re-enactment, steampunk, science fiction conventions, and so forth.

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