Monday, 30 March 2009

Nerd Girls

Just been alerted by a friend to the Nerd Girl Army (clearly allies of the Bluestockings - perhaps the militant wing). They have created an aetherweb site where you can post your thoughts, contribute blog posts, and generally associate with other Nerd Girls.


  1. Just read this and thought that science geek bluestockings are closely related to nerd girl bluestockings:

    Depression’s Wiring Diagram
    When Helen Mayberg started curing depression by stimulating a previously unknown neural junction box in a brain area called Brod­mann’s area 25...people asked her where she was going to look next. Her reaction was, “What do you mean, Where am I going to look next? I’m going to look more closely here!”

    Scientific American goes on to describe the important discoveries Mayberg is making because of her choice to look more closely.

  2. Good one, thanks. I love Scientific American Mind. They had a great article on why unstructured play is good for you recently.